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NextMoney Card puts an extra 15% of your salary in your hands and you get rewarded each time you spend it with us. The card is a once off application - a life time credit facility, you will never run out of cash. Your card will be loaded to your full limit every month and you can also deposit your own funds into the card (up to R25, 000.00 per month), at no extra cost. Get access to your funds anytime you need it.


Complicated says, fill-out forms, wait for two weeks. Simple gives you cash immediately when you need it. Get the best alternative to Payday loans with NextMoney. Apply now.
Any South African citizen who is permanently employed and has a salary can transfer into a debitable bank account can apply for a NextMoney card that offers a revolving facility.


The process of applying for a NextMoney card couldn’t be simpler! All you do is fill in and submit the application form and attach the following documents.

(Documents can be supplied at a later stage.)

A copy of your South African ID

Your latest pay slip

Last three month’s bank statements

We encourage you to be as accurate as possible when you submit your information, this prevents delays in processing, ensuring you can start enjoying using your NextMoney card!


As soon as the above documents are received, the following process will begin. A credit assessment will be conducted to determine your approved credit limit (currently between R500.00 and R2500.00), and we will communicate these results with you.

Should you accept our terms and conditions, NextMoney will send you the necessary documents; together with your exclusive NextMoney Card and PIN via a courier (free delivery). You will have to sign some of the papers and send them back to us via fax or email.

Once these have verified, we will activate your card and load it with your approved amount. You can now use your card for ATM withdrawals, retail purchases and so much more – just as you would do with any other MasterCard anywhere in South Africa at any time of the day! We will monitor your usage, and you will be charged only for the amount that you use – no more, no less. Should you choose not to use it, you will not incur any fees or charges.

NextMoney will on your payday, debit your bank account for the amount due, via a debit order. Once payment is received, your card will be loaded up to the original limit, giving you the freedom to reuse it to its fullest, without the need of reapplying (you will receive top-up notifications via SMS). It’s that simple.


You can use your NextMoney Card to deposit and withdraw your own funds, whether or not you have a revolving facility with us.

Ideal for: teenagers, students, domestic workers, office petty cash, informal/semi-professional employees or just as an alternative to a bank account.

Deposit up to R25, 000.00 per month at any bank across South Africa or via EFT. When depositing, use your card number as a reference.  Funds will be loaded into your card within 24 hours (excluding weekend and public holidays).

Deposits are free of charge.

Use your card to draw cash at ATM’s, refuel your car or for direct purchases anytime anywhere across South Africa.

When using you own funds, no interest or service fee will be charged (interest and service fee will however be charged if you have a revolving facility as well. These fees will be charged only on the facility portion).

No monthly or annual card fee is charged

Admin fee will be charged on a transactional basis (please refer to Fee Table). Other card related fees such as, ATM and POS fees will be charged as per Fee Table.

View your balance and statement Online free of charge 24/7.

Should you ever wish to increase your limit, please contact us to discuss a higher limit.

Should you require any assistance or extra information, contact our Customer Centre or simply email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.