With vast experience in the financial sector we always provide our clients with the best there is to offer making sure they get competitive rates thus giving them the much-required financial freedom at all times. We never compromise on low fees, compelling benefits and the highest service level, to ensure that they get the best deal in the industry through us.

PRESTIGE NextMoney Card

Have your own card as an alternative to a bank account. Ideal for teenagers, students, domestic workers and other informal/semi -professional employees. Up toR25, 000.00 can be deposited into the card every month (no deposit fee). The card is PIN protected (PIN number needs to be entered both for ATM and POS use) which makes it safer than carrying cash. There are no monthly or annual card fees and admin fees are transaction based, so if you don’t use your card for withdrawals in any given month, it won’t cost you anything.


Enjoy a credit facility of up to R 2,500.00 per month at interest rate of 1.75% per month.
With our revolving facility, funds are always there when you need it.


Gain control over your budget and finance management. NextMoney credit facility allows you to determine every month how much of your facility you would like to use and we will then charge you accordingly.


Amongst our top priorities is safety, we ensure to give you freedom to use your NextMoney card anywhere in South Africa anytime of the day to withdraw money at an ATM, do direct purchases at stores without any worry. As the card is PIN protected it is much safer to carry than cash and you can rest assured with the knowledge that your credit limit is always there when needed.


Enjoy competitive ATM fees, free POS (fuel and store purchases), zero deposit fee, zero card fees, credit facility at less than 2% per month and transaction based admin fee (to make sure you don’t pay high admin fees in months where the card is hardly used or not used at all).


We give you total convenience, your new card will be hand delivered to you free of charge. Your card will be topped up to your agreed credit limit every month, saving you the stress and hassle of reapplying. You may apply for a limit increase as time goes by. You may log in anytime to check your balance and detailed statement, and if you encounter any problems, or just want some advice, our trained and friendly consultants are just a call or click away.

Discounts, shopping coupons, great rewards and more. Get all this as part of our amazing offers when you apply for your NextMoney card.


We could all do with a few extra bucks; NextMoney gives you money in hand to enjoy.  Every time you use your NextMoney card you benefit from our great discounts. From restaurant meals to movie tickets, we give you real value in using your card.


As a NextMoney card holder you get to be part of our great NextRewards programme. NextRewards is a lifestyle programme designed especially for you.

We negotiate amazing deals, save you time and money, letting you focus on the things you really matter. Apply now for your NextMoney card and get access to exclusive deals, 24/7 assistance, discounted services and professional advice to simplify your life.


We give you real value from the get go, every time you use your NextMoney card you not only score great discounts but also accumulate monetary value on coupons. Our coupons can be used at many retail outlets giving you money to spend. The more you shop with your card the more value you generate, making the NextMoney Card a must have.