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Welcome to NextMoney, a revolutionary way of putting an extra 15% of your salary into your hands monthly to cover your unexpected expenses. NextMoney Card combines what you like about a Credit Card with what you enjoy from a good Benefits Card. Access funds anytime anywhere at competitive fees across South Africa.

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NextMoney gives you more control over life`s uncertainties like burst geezer, car breakdowns or any other sudden financial needs. All you have to do is make a once off simple application after that, cash will be loaded onto your card every month..

You can access money at your convenience and also get great discounts in over 2000 restaurants, get two for one meal, two for one movie tickets and many more benefits.

Choose a money card that best suits your personality and let`s put money in your pocket. It’s that simple. 

The Smart Alternative to Payday Loans

Save time and money. Apply with us and get credit from R500 to R200,000 plus benefits.​

With NextMoney you can simply say don't worry I got this because we will top you up every month to an agreed limit and you can access funds from your card as and when you need it. Access your money through ATM or Point of Sale. Get your card delivered to your doorstep, free of charge.


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Affordable & competitive Fees

No fees of any kind from service fees, admin fees or transaction fees are inquired if the card is not active during that month.
We believe it is essential for you to understand all charges relating to your money card entirely. Our costs are fair, transparent and competitive. Also, you enjoy free POS (when swiping your card at merchants and stores), no monthly or annual card fee, no initiation fees and credit facility at less than 2% per month. And the best part is you`re only charged for what you use no more no less.

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Access funds anytime, anywhere with one money card

NextMoney card puts an extra 15% of your salary in your hands, and you get rewarded each time you spend it with us. The card is a once off application that gives you a lifetime credit facility; you will never run out of cash. Your card will be loaded to your full limit every month, and you can also deposit your funds into the card (up to R25, 000.00 per month), at no extra cost. Get access to your money anytime you need it.

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Spend with nextmoney and get rewarded for spending

Your NextMoney Card comes with great benefits and fantastic features! We constantly seek to offer you lower fees, compelling benefits and the highest service level, to ensure that you get the best deal available in South Africa through us. Each time you spend with us, you get amazing discounts at over 2000 restaurants, free movie tickets, free shopping coupons and many more.  It’s all about the value and giving you great benefits.

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